We're Proud to Work at the Forefront of Medicine.

The University of Chicago Medicine takes pride in its outstanding staff. Our employees play a crucial role in fulfilling our mission of excellence in patient care, education and research.

The employees at the University of Chicago Medicine have made us one of the nation’s best hospitals. Our staff enjoys flexible scheduling and a generous benefits package. Our nurses earn among the highest salaries in the greater Chicago area.

Our employees deliver world-class care in an environment where opinions are respected, decision-making is rewarded and teamwork is the order of the day. Our staff is encouraged to achieve their career goals, which in turn benefits all of our patients and the University of Chicago Medicine as a whole.

We are committed to the educational growth of our employees. The University of Chicago Medicine offers many educational opportunities--everything from safety seminars to onsite degree completion programs.

As part of our mission, the University of Chicago Medicine believes that we should increase awareness of health issues and improve the health of people throughout the Chicago area. Our staff participates the community through local community fairs, free health screenings and regular classes and seminars.

The University of Chicago Medicine has a long tradition of medical excellence—going back 75 years. And, our future looks just as bright.